Custom Wooden Portraits / Photos

Custom Wooden Portraits / Photos


Create your very own favorite WOODEN photos and turn them into a life long creation that will hold a very special place in your heart for a long time to come!  


We will take your favorite photo and turn it into a wooden portrait.  We will only use real hardwood - We do NOT use any type of Plywood Material for these photos.  


Please understand that the quality of YOUR photo will greatly determine the quality of the finished product.  For best results, please have a high resolution photo with good lighting.  Extremely dark, grainy, blurry or low-quality photos do not typically do well.

We currently offer sizes of 4x6 - 5x7 - 8x10    -    Feel free to reach out for a customized quote of any size. 


Upon payment you will need to send me a file of the high resolution photo.  Upon receipt we'll get working on it.  Remember, No News is Good News!  If there appear to be concerns/issues, we'll reach out for next step.  

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!